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Grid & Go

Join the UCS Grid and Go campaign and make the smart choice to join the rEVolution early.

EV Box charging point

Partnering with EVBOX

Partnering EVBOX,  the worlds leading manufacturers of electric vehicle charging points. We offer you, the driver, that every journey is a lasting one.

Did you know?

Did you know?

  • New Electric Vehicles can now travel over 300km before needing a recharge.
  • Electric Cars have low maintenance due to fewer active components.
  • Cost of Charging your vehicle can be as little as 2p per mile, and by using EVBOX  you can charge your vehicle up to 6 times faster than a regular 13A socket.
  • Electric Vehicles are a far more cleaner option for the environment, cutting out CO2 emissions
  • Government Grants for new car purchases as well as your very own charging points are available now.
  • Electric Cars are now an affordable and economical option.

EVBOX Home charger

EVBOX is one of the leading manufacturers in Electric Charging Points worldwide, with 50,000+ chargers deployed in over 30 countries and 918 cities. 

With its unrivalled 8 year warranty and advanced App that allows you to track your charging sessions at the palm of your hand. Manufactured with Tier 1 components EVBOX is the smart and reliable choice for you.

Elvi charge
Charge at Home

Get a £500 government grant

Electric vehicle charging - Key facts

  • The government will pay up to 75% of the value of the EV charger capped @ £500
  • Evidence that the vehicle is owned, leased or keepership of an Electric Vehicle 
  • Installation to be within 4 months of purchase or delivery of the vehicle to the customer
  • Off Street Parking is needed

We're just around the corner!

We know how important service is to customers. Working with UCS Renewables; an established local business, you are guaranteed a fast, efficient installation with minimal fuss and maximum effort. Find out today if you qualify for a grant to supply your new EVBOX Electric Vehicle Charger and enhance your EV experience...

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We have an abundance of additional resources to help you find out more about the EVBOX.

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