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Earn money from your solar panels with Solar Buyback

If you already have solar panels, or move into a building with them already installed, our Solar Buyback system makes you money.

Solar Buyback allows you to release your Feed in Tariff payments early, as a cash lump sum. As an owner of solar PV (photovoltaic) systems, you sell us your Feed in Tariff.

The process is extremely simple, with payments released within 14 days of the sale of your Government Feed in Tariff. You still enjoy the benefits of using energy generated by your solar panels. Best of all, there’s no risk to you, as the price you get for your energy is linked to the retail price index.

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Solar Buyback and the Feed in Tariff

The government’s Feed in Tariff was launched in the UK in April 2010. Based on a model used in other European countries, the tariff is a monetary amount paid to the owner of a renewable system for every unit of energy generated. The scheme makes solar panels and the Solar Buyback scheme financially attractive. The payments based on the size of your system. We’re happy to offer information and advice on Solar Buyback to any UK company.

How Solar Buyback Works

Step One

We look at the size and performance of your solar panel system, and tell you how much money you could make.

Step Two

A new meter is fitted to your solar panels, which we monitor remotely from our office. This takes less than an hour to install and leaves no mess.

Step Three

You sell us your tariff, and we make payment directly into your bank within 14 days of the completed sale.

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Worry-free Maintenance

UCS Renewables take on full responsibility for the maintenance of your system for the lifetime of the solar panels. You don’t need to worry about panels going down or costly repairs. We’re always on hand to fix any problems, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We monitor the system remotely to ensure everything works correctly and you get maximum savings from your Solar Buyback system. We own the system and its wiring up to the point where it is connected to your normal wiring, and we’re responsible for maintaining it. The system’s components have a production guarantee, including the inverter and panels themselves.

Selling the Property

The way we purchase the rights to your Feed in Tariff is with a unique ‘peppercorn lease’ which leases the air space above your roof. This allows us to technically own the solar panel system and its Feed in Tariff payments. You do not need to inform your mortgage company.

The panels remain on the roof for the duration of their lifetime, but you’re free to sell your property with no issues. You need to inform the new property owner that someone else owns the solar panels, and the energy savings will be passed onto them.

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We would welcome the opportunity to chat about how we can help you get more from your project regardless of size or time frame. Whether you want a free, no obligation consultation or just a quick chat please give us a call on 0845 9011 144

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