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SolarVenti: The Low Cost Way to keep Buildings Fresh and Dry

SolarVenti Air conditions keeps buildings fresh and dry, eliminating the problems of mould, mildew and damp. Its solar powered technology circulates warm, fresh air throughout your premises or home.

SolarVenti is highly effective and delivers:

  • Ventilation
  • Dehumidification
  • A healthy indoor climate
  • Savings on heating costs

How does SolarVenti Work?

SolarVenti pushes fresh air into a property to ensure that air is continuously replaced with warm, dry air. The intelligent system uses solar panels to gather energy, then converts it to conditioned air, preheats it, and then circulates it through your building or home. It keeps property fresh and dry, fabrics stay fresh and all mould, mildew and smells are eliminated.

Solar Panels
Worker with Screwdriver

Zero Running Costs

SolarVenti is powered by the sun’s energy, so there are absolutely no running costs. The intelligent system starts and stops automatically and uses no mains electricity. There’s nothing in the system that can leak or cause damage, and no power is consumed. This makes it perfect for residential and businesses, even in buildings that are periodically unoccupied.

Ventilation, Health and Heating

SolarVenti pushes fresh air into a property, ensuring that air is frequently replaced with warm, dry air. The system is ideal for buildings where odours and humidity need to be expelled quickly. The dry air generated is quicker and cheaper to heat, meaning lower energy bills.

Positioning SolarVenti

A south, south-east or south-west facing wall or roof with minimal shade is ideal. As the panels can be mounted to walls or the roof, the system is suitable for almost any building.

An airflow inlet baffle is installed inside the building and connects via a flexi-tube to the solar air panel and fan on the outside.

Easy to Install and Maintain

SolarVenti can be fitted in just a few hours by our approved qualified engineer.

As the system is solar controlled and solar powered, there are no running costs. Each time the sun shines the fan blows fresh, warm, dry air into your building for exceptional air flow.

Solar Panels

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The Curve, Teesside University

Working on behalf of local firm Castle Building Services, we installed 177 x 250w solar panels to generate clean, renewable energy. The panels were placed in an east-west configuration using a Renusol FS10 East/West mounting system to make use of the limited space available and ensure maximum exposure to the sun. The result is that the solar panels generate green electricity 365 days a year, providing a renewable energy source and allowing Teesside University to meet its sustainability targets.


Pulman Skoda Durham

UCS installed 80 solar panels onto the showroom’s roof. Working with Kingspan, we designed the layout of solar panels so that the array didn’t affect the integrity of the roof. We used drawings supplied by Kingspan and their standing seam brackets in the installation. The result was a roof of commercial solar panels carefully designed and installed to generate solar power for the showroom. The installation looks great and the building runs on solar energy, meaning low running costs for Pulman Skoda’s flagship showroom.