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Banking on Green Energy for a Sustainable Future

Are you tired of feeling like a prisoner to your power outlets? Say goodbye electric fuel shock with a power bank! A power bank, also known as a battery system, is an innovative solution that allows you to store energy generated from your solar panels or other renewable source, so you can use it at night or during a power outage. Think of it like having your own...

10th April 2023

Reasons to Turn Green & Make the Switch to Renewables

Hey, homeowners! Are you tired of feeling the heat of the constantly rising cost of energy, does the current energy market super inflation leave you in fear of where it will all end and wondering how you’ll manage to pay for your rising energy bills in the future? Well, have no fear because renewable energy solutions are here to help save the day (and your bank account), by offering you an alternative that can help alleviate you from some of the turmoil in the energy market. But first you’re probably thinking why should I switch to renewables and what can it offer me?

29th March 2023

Solar Surge: UK Households Race to Save On Energy Bills

UK households are racing to install roof-top solar panels as energy prices continue to rise. The soaring price of electricity means that a domestic solar panels system can now pay for itself in as little as six years and the payback period could be even less if energy prices continue to rise in the months to come. The energy price cap jumped last October by 80% to take the average UK bill to £3,549 caused by a.....

29th March 2023

Decarbonising the NHS

It's been a busy year so far for the NHS as they continue to work on their Net Zero targets and announce the rollout of new Green Energy Plans. Working in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market, UCS has been particularly interested in their commitment to EV charging accessibility and their commitment to the electrification of their fleet...

3rd August 2022

The Shocking Change to Average Energy Bills

In essence, the process of slowing climate impacts from unsustainable fuels is one of the guiding principles that keeps all of us busy. Whilst most people agree broadly on the ambition to reduce...

27th May 2021

Earth Day 2021: Greener Goals

Thursday 22nd April 2021 saw millions of people around the world unite to celebrate Earth Day 2021. Despite ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, people found new digital ways to celebrate the event. Earth Day although sometimes known as Earth Week celebrate...

4th May 2021

Green Waste: Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal

Councils throughout the UK are making the switch to greener waste removal collections by switching to electric vehicles. Not only does the switch reduce carbon emissions and take the UK a step closer to net-zero targets, but it also...

7th April 2021

Battery Benefits: The Rise of Energy Storage

Recent years have seen the rapid increase of battery storage installations. Increasing numbers of home and business owners are switching to renewable energy and are utilising energy storage solutions to maximise their energy savings and lower...

3rd March 2021

10 Steps Towards A Sustainable Future

In November 2020, the UK Government unveiled their £12 billion 10-point plan to increase low-carbon energy solutions and to increase the number of electric vehicle chargers throughout the country. The plan aims to aid the countries achievement of net-zero targets by 2050 and provide 250,000 jobs within the industry...

18th February 2021

Energy Debt: The New Threat to Homeowners

The Coronavirus and winter months have brought about a new threat to UK homeowners… energy debt. Many employees who have switched to home working to limit the spread of COVID-19 have seen a drastic rise in their energy bills during the...

3rd February 2021

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Is your business looking to save money without spending cash? Energy Efficient Finance could help. Find out more here...

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