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Battery Benefits: The Rise of Energy Storage

3rd March 2021

Recent years have seen the rapid increase of battery storage installations. Increasing numbers of home and business owners are switching to renewable energy and are utilising energy storage solutions to maximise their energy savings and lower their carbon footprint.

By 2022, the number of people choosing to adopt energy storage solutions is expected to have grown by 50 times the number of properties with battery storage in 2020. As the market grows the cost of battery storage falls. There is still a large assumption that there are limited options for battery storage with extremely high price points. Current and rising market trends indicate that there is a wider variety of energy storage options to suit various budgets.

Battery storage solutions such as LuxPower and the Tesla Powerwall, allow you to store excess electricity produced by your solar PV array for later use. This can be particularly useful on overcast days when your system does not produce as much electricity as sunnier days.

Many energy providers are supporting the transition to energy storage and green energy by encouraging clients to sell electricity from storage back to the grid. Not only does this reduce the strain on the National Power Grid & increase the UK’s use of green energy but it also reduces energy bills with the money made from selling excess energy!

Another benefit to installing battery storage solutions is avoiding the use of peak cost electricity. By storing energy generated by your solar PV you can choose when your home is powered by stored electricity to avoid higher monthly bills.

Some energy storage products such as the Tesla Powerwall offer peace of mind from power cuts. The Powerwall automatically restores power to your home during a power outage using stored energy. This allows you to keep your freezer running and phones charged. This particular product also offers storm warnings to let you know if there is adverse weather heading your way to allow you time to charge your Powerwall.

What’s more? Solar PV arrays with battery storage can be coupled with electric vehicle charging points. Smart phone apps allow you to control what you’re generated, and stored energy is used for. If electricity from your solar panels is powering your home, you can used stored energy to charge you car.

Here at UCS Renewables, we are accredited installers for a variety of battery storage products including LuxPower, Tesla Powerwall, Sofar & more. We aim to maximise client energy bill savings, reduce carbon footprints and quote to fit your ideal budget. If you’re interested in joining thousands of other people throughout the UK adopting energy storage, enquire today.

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