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The Battery Boom: Energy Storage

22nd October 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic presented a range of installation challenges throughout the renewable energy sector. Many renewable energy solutions saw a sharp drop in sales with battery storage experiencing a 17% drop. Battery storage solutions are expected to bounce back with a predicted 31% growth rate up until 2030.

Homeowners and businesses have become more aware of climate change and environmental impacts with the positive effects of increased home working and reduced traffic on the roads, it is expected that this will lead to an increased investment in energy storage solutions as people consider the knock-on effects of energy usage.

In addition, the falling costs of battery storage technology is another key factor in the adoption of this solution. The average price of battery storage has fallen by 81% since 2010. Large scale battery projects have also become more accessible within the UK as the Government relaxed permission regulations for projects over 50 megawatts.

In the bounce back from COVID-19, the UK and Germany are predicted to be hosts to the largest battery storage markets throughout Europe.

UCS Renewables offer a range of battery storage solutions including the Tesla Powerwall, Lux Power and more. Our solutions suit a range of different applications and budgets while each individual battery offers their own features to help you decide which is best for you. 

As a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall, we encourage our clients to look into the Tesla Energy Plan which has recently been expanded from Tesla vehicle owners to all electric vehicle drivers. The additional plan offers an exclusive 11 p/kWh export and import rate to all Octopus Energy clients who have solar PV, a Tesla Powerwall, and an electric vehicle with a charger.  

To discuss additional benefits of the Tesla Powerwall and the Tesla Energy Plan, call our head office today: 01642 242567

If you’d like to read about the benefits or purchase the Tesla Powerwall, you can do so for a £300 deposit here. *

*Final price subject to site survey. Full balance is due upon installation completion.

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