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A NISA way to be green

29th January 2019

The owner of the Nisa garage in Northallerton approached UCS Renewables as he needed a 5kW solar pv system in order to meet the energy efficiency requirements of his new build.  

He asked our estimating team how many panels would fit on the roof and what the payback would be in terms of feed in tariff and saving on his electricity bill. We gave him these figures and he opted for a 30kW system so he could benefit from the maximum amount of feed in tariff and export tariff available for installations under 30kW. Not forgetting the savings on his electricity bill. 

The owner will probably use all the electricity he produces on site as there are fridges etc on site, including a delicious smelling Subway.

He is now looking to have a 50kW system installed on his garage in Stockton, pending Northern Powergrids approval.The design of the system was done using the latest PV Sol software. As always we used our own engineers who’ve done a great job not only on the roof but also on the installation of the inverter and switch gear. 

If you're interested in Solar pv installations for your business please call us now on 0845 9011 144 or email

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A NISA way to be green

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