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UCS Launches EV Charging campaign

11th January 2018

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9:09 AM - 19th February 2020

Local Mayor’s £2 Million Investment into a Greener Tees Valley

Ben Houchen, the conservative Mayor of Tees Valley announced his plans to invest £2 million into the electric vehicle (EV) market within the Tees Valley area. This comes off the back of a £40 million project to upgrade various transport methods across Teesside in the next few years...

8:08 AM - 14th January 2020

What Is SEG And How Does It Benefit Solar PV Owners?

As an owner of a property that has solar PV installed or even a provider of solar PV, you may have heard the term SEG being ‘thrown around’ since the closure of the feed-in tariff in April 2019. So, what is it and how does it affect you?

10:10 AM - 11th December 2019

Is Climate Change Awareness Leading to Increased Sales of Electrical Vehicles?

Recent surveys showcase the current and anticipated increase in demand for electric vehicles within the car market. Could this be due to the increasing awareness of climate change? Are consumers actively trying to reduce the carbon emissions they produce?

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