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Latest News

Battery Benefits: The Rise of Energy Storage

Recent years have seen the rapid increase of battery storage installations. Increasing numbers of home and business owners are switching to renewable energy and are utilising energy storage solutions to maximise their energy savings and lower...

3rd March 2021

10 Steps Towards A Sustainable Future

In November 2020, the UK Government unveiled their £12 billion 10-point plan to increase low-carbon energy solutions and to increase the number of electric vehicle chargers throughout the country. The plan aims to aid the countries achievement of net-zero targets by 2050 and provide 250,000 jobs within the industry...

18th February 2021

Energy Debt: The New Threat to Homeowners

The Coronavirus and winter months have brought about a new threat to UK homeowners… energy debt. Many employees who have switched to home working to limit the spread of COVID-19 have seen a drastic rise in their energy bills during the...

3rd February 2021

The Race to Renewables

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released a new analysis report forecasting the adoption of renewable energy up to 2025. The report highlights predictions that the renewable energy sector will...

18th November 2020

Virtual Power Plant: The Tesla Energy Plan

Exciting changes have been made to the Tesla Energy Plan! If you’re not familiar with the Tesla Energy Plan, Tesla partnered with Octopus Energy to provide exclusive energy rates. The plan aims to get people to switch to 100% renewable energy and this exclusive deal can reduce the average UK electricity bill by up to 75%. The scheme was originally only offered to...

4th November 2020

The Battery Boom: Energy Storage

The Coronavirus pandemic presented a range of installation challenges throughout the renewable energy sector. Many renewable energy solutions saw a sharp drop in sales with battery storage experiencing a 17% drop. Battery storage solutions are expected to bounce back with a predicted 31% growth rate up until 2030. Homeowners and businesses have become more aware of...

22nd October 2020

V2G: Businesses & Electric Vehicles

As an electric vehicle enthusiast, you may already know what V1G is. If not keep reading to find out how V1G is upgrading to become V2G. VG stands for vehicle to grid and involves key smart charging elements. This includes charging management features to allow electric vehicle owners to control their charging times to avoid peak prices and reduce demand at peak times to avoid electricity shortages. On the other hand, new V2G technology brings additional benefits to the...

7th October 2020

The Future of Fossil Fuels: UK Fuel Ban

The UK Government is expected to announce a series of new clean energy policies, featuring an update to the UK’s fossil fuel vehicle ban. The ban which was expected to come into place in 2040 is estimated to come into force 10 years earlier in 2030 to boost the country's green, economic COVID-19 recovery and meet net-zero targets. The restriction will prohibit the sale/production of new petrol and diesel vehicles within the UK and will...

23rd September 2020

The Road to Recovery: Low Carbon Futures

A recent report released by Carbon Trust analysed 6 different categories: food and drink, fuel, commuting, airlines, electrical stores, and clothing stores to provide data for their report and make up their findings. The data shows that on an overall scale greenhouse gas emissions are down by 14% compared to

9th September 2020

Green Grid: The Battery Storage Boom

Recent years have seen an increased application of battery storage solutions in residential and commercial settings. One of the most recent commercial projects features the installation of 6 Tesla Megapacks in Dorset. The packs will store green energy and transfer this stored electricity to and from the grid to offset reliance on non-renewable energy sources. The batteries have a combined capacity of 15 MWh. The project aims to

12th August 2020

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Is your business looking to save money without spending cash? Energy Efficient Finance could help. Find out more here...

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