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Latest News

The Future of Fossil Fuels: UK Fuel Ban

The UK Government is expected to announce a series of new clean energy policies, featuring an update to the UK’s fossil fuel vehicle ban. The ban which was expected to come into place in 2040 is estimated to come into force 10 years earlier in 2030 to boost the country's green, economic COVID-19 recovery and meet net-zero targets. The restriction will prohibit the sale/production of new petrol and diesel vehicles within the UK and will...

23rd September 2020

The Road to Recovery: Low Carbon Futures

A recent report released by Carbon Trust analysed 6 different categories: food and drink, fuel, commuting, airlines, electrical stores, and clothing stores to provide data for their report and make up their findings. The data shows that on an overall scale greenhouse gas emissions are down by 14% compared to

9th September 2020

Green Grid: The Battery Storage Boom

Recent years have seen an increased application of battery storage solutions in residential and commercial settings. One of the most recent commercial projects features the installation of 6 Tesla Megapacks in Dorset. The packs will store green energy and transfer this stored electricity to and from the grid to offset reliance on non-renewable energy sources. The batteries have a combined capacity of 15 MWh. The project aims to

12th August 2020

UK Green Recovery Fund

The UK Government has announced a £350 million ‘recovery fund’ that will be used to cut the country's carbon emissions and drive economic recovery as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding will be used to help tackle climate change and accelerate the Prime Minister’s goals to reach net-zero by 2050. The UK is hopeful that...

29th July 2020

Green Home Grant 2020

July 2020 saw Chancellor Rishi Sunak announce the UK Government’s new ‘Green Homes Scheme’. £2 billion has been set aside to provide homeowners throughout the UK vouchers to put towards the cost of installing energy-saving solutions such as:

16th July 2020

Shop, Charge & Go: Rapid EV Charging

2020 has seen a number of companies adopt rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging schemes to provide charging points for both clients and employees. The need for charging points across the UK is consistently rising as more people switch to a greener form of travel...

1st July 2020

Battery Storage: The Secret to Fighting Climate Change

Battery storage is an innovative piece of technology that stores excess electricity produced by solar PV arrays. Many storage solutions have SMART technology that allows the user to control charge and discharge times to power your home and charge your electric vehicles. More and more homeowners with solar PV arrays are choosing to install battery storage to boost their savings by using stored electricity to avoid paying higher prices for using electricity from the grid at peak times.

17th June 2020

UCS COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment

Over recent weeks due to the infection rate of COVID-19 falling below a designated baseline, the UK Government has deemed it safe for various businesses to allow workers to return to work. For the UCS team, this meant a limited number of staff were allowed to return to our Middlesbrough office to continue work, and some members of the office staff set up working from home to allow for more social distancing space within the workplace...

10th June 2020

Earth Hour 2020 Goes Digital

Earth Hour is a yearly event organised by the Worldwide Fund (WWF), during the event millions of lights are switched off for one whole hour to take a stand against climate change. This demonstration has been ongoing for 13 years but 2020 saw Earth Hour go digital as new social distancing laws were introduced worldwide to fight the spread of COVID-19.

3rd June 2020

An Electric Future: Glasgow Re-Introduces Electric Buses

For the first time in over half a century, Glasgow has added two electric buses to its commercial fleet since the de-commissioning of the electric trolley bus in 1967. The buses are part of larger projects to assist the city’s net-zero plans. The new electric public transport has been funded through...

18th March 2020

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